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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How about November 5 to honor Negrense Warriors and Heroes?

Note: This post is intended to be a topic for discussion among Filipino Martial Artists of Negros Island. After all, General Juan Araneta and General Anecito Lacson are Negrense Warriors worthy of the honor.

We tried our best to find a picture of General Anecito Lacson or of his monument but could not find one. Thus, we have only posted that of General Juan Araneta's monument.

A copy of this post can be found in the Forum entitled "Let Us Celebrate Negros Martial Arts Day". Please join us there so your opinions, arguments, and discussions may be heard and considered.

General Juan Araneta, Negrense Warrior and Hero.

Can we make November 5 of each year a celebration of Filipino Martial Arts Day since this is the day the highest form of Martial Art strategy was used by Negrenses to defeat the Spanish forces?

Consider these facts: On November 5, 1898, a rebellion led by Juan Araneta and Aniceto Lacson began which ended with the defeat of the Spaniards. Following their victory, the revolutionaries formed a Republic of Negros which later included Negros Oriental. These people are the best examples of Filipino Martial Artists don't you think? They are in my opinion World-Class Negrense Warriors. No Negrense living today ever had the same achievement in a lifetime.

They have been consistent with Sun Tzu's strategy/principle of winning without fighting. The Spaniards, with all their superior weaponry surrendered to these Negrenses who used decoys when staging an attack to the Spaniard's stronghold. Incidentally, Negros Day is solemnly celebrated by the City of Bago every November 5 of each year. In my opinion, we should consider having a joint celebration with the City Government of Bago City and the City Government of Talisay on every November 5 of each year to give honor to our great Negrense heroes.


At Thursday, October 06, 2005, Blogger buccaneer said...

good idea, ronin. It is good to have a Martial Arts day and november 5 is an appropriate suggestion.
Maybe what we need is to lobby this idea to the city council. I think it needs to be endorsed by the city council before we make it official.

At Monday, October 10, 2005, Blogger truth_bringer said...

Your idea is a good point worth lobbying to the provincial government.

Maybe we can lobby for such a movement to fellow martial artists.


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