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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

How should Martial Artists handle / prevent situations like this?

Note: The clip shown in this post was taken from a joke passed around in the form of email. While the senders consider it funny, I find it to a lesson worth learning before it ever happens. The identities of the lady and the prankster are unknown.

Attack from behind

Consider for a moment the situation you find in this clip. Many of the men may find it funny or amusing, even tempting. While others may find it stupid or unlucky for the lady. Pause for a while... and then contemplate on this... what if the lady was a daughter, a sister, a friend, or student in you dojo? What would you do?

Where does Martial Arts Education come in? What should self-defense, as part of the Martial Arts, teach in terms of values and attitudes to students? In this light, Martial Arts as a discipline is more than just the use of crude muscle and bone to subdue the opponent. Common sense would tell us that the lady in the clip would lose in a fight if mere crude muscle and bone was applied towards the assailant.

On the other hand, Martial Arts Education may teach students character, the proper attitude, and strategy and tactics over and above fighting techniques. Correct strategy would teach the lady to avoid using language and wearing clothes that would entice an attack. Proper Martial Arts Education could have taught her that walking alone in an isolated alley would mean ambush. Lessons on character could have taught her that to deserve respect one should earn it. It is not a question what Martial Arts we teach. Even more, it does not matter whether we teach traditional or modern Martial Arts. The central point is the kind of Martial Arts Education we impart in the training hall.


At Tuesday, October 04, 2005, Blogger buccaneer said...

"Martial Arts Education may teach students character, the proper attitude, and strategy and tactics over and above fighting techniques." This is true. In a dojo, not only brute force or techniques could be imparted on students. The teacher should impart proper etiquette, attitude and above all respect. Respect for oneself and others. Modesty should be taught along with self defence.
It is very sad to see nowadays when we see martial artists behave like a bunch of rogues and undisciplined people. Sometimes I asked myself "What happened to our martial art discipline?" when I see martial artist act like this. Propler attitude, correct and modesty should be practiced aside from defense and counters. As shown in the picture, the lady could have prevented the guy by wearing clothes that are proper and should have passed by the alley accompanied by another person.

At Tuesday, October 04, 2005, Blogger truth_bringer said...

Instructors of the martial arts must give due consideration to threatening situations that may not require physical confrontation, like the one in the video clip, during training,

Many reality-based martial artists (not to be confused with the reality-fighting martial artists) like Jim Wagner had advocated the training in self protection rather than in just fighting. Fighting is just one aspect of self protection. Sadly, many only focus on the fighting aspect of self protecion.

Self protection would include the use of psychology to gain control of a situation. A good example is how you respond to a verbal threat. A verbal threat requires a verbal solution rather than a physical confrontaion. What you say, how you say it, your body language, eye contact, and other factors are special considerations.

After all is said and done, the post by Ronin is a wake up call for martial artists like us. After all, the masters of old were correct when they said the "way" is not just for fighting but is a "way of life."


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