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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Where Have The Warriors Gone?

Originally posted in another website last July 12, 2005, this material has been copied verbatim with permission for posting here. It expresses the writer's personal view of the world we all live in and he is entitled to his own beliefs - whether you like it or NOT.

Breach of Trust.

Nationalism seems to be a strange word today. Strange things are happening and strange people seem to be getting the limelight. I feel sad for my native country. Centuries of domination by colonizers and it seems our people have not learned a single lesson at all. It has been said by a noted scholar in political science that we are weak in history. Perhaps it is true. We are adept at foreign history, but have not learned from our own history. And today we suffer from the hands of the people on whom we have put our trust - Elected Government Officials.

The Land of the Mediocre

We live in a country thousands of islands, diverse cultures, values and beliefs. Our hearts and our lives shaped by events told over and over by our history. Knowledge and experience should have been the best teacher - and our best weapon as well. Yet, sad to say, we have grown ignorant and have become a laughing stock among the nations of the world. We have become a country of inconsistencies. In fact we have become consistent only on one aspect - that of being Mediocre.

Mediocre Politicians

We have the world's most rediculous politicians. Politicians who want to grab power by means other than being constitutional. Politicians who are not ashamed to cheat and abuse government money to enrich themselves. Politicians who have plundered the country and shamelessly say they are victims of injustice. Politicians who work as part-time government officials and full-time movie/TV entertainers - "acting" as if they know governance.

Mediocre People

We have a people who, time and again, have become willing contributors and willing victims to mediocre politicians. As a result, they themselves have chosen to be mediocre. They march the streets and scream for the welfare of the people. Then at the end of the day, count the money they shamelessly receive from political campaigns. There are those who march the streets and scream about the injustices of government - but they themselves have not done anything for the government. Mediocre people who demand justice yet defy the rule of law. A people that willingly go beyond the bounds of good morals yet claim to be Christian.

Mediocre Clergy

The clergy that the people look up to as spiritual leaders - those so ordained to pastoral and sacred functions - have meddled in political affairs of the state. Pinpointing what is moral and what is immoral when their own ranks have been corrupted by money, power, and lust.

Mediocre Warriors of Today

Most nations have been founded and shaped by warriors, i.e., Japan, China, Israel, the United States of America, etc. Our country's history has its own roster of great warriors who fought for the honor of the Motherland. But today, this is nothing more than a matter of history. In fact, we have a forgotten history. Warriors are scholars - this is proven by history. But where have our warriors gone? Sad to say, most of those who claim to be warriors hardly have a good education. Even worst, more and more are of questionable reputation. Many even have no sense of history. And those who have a sense of history have a very twisted sense of it. A martial arts master once said even in the martial arts, the place of money cannot be ignored. Yet one should be careful not to be attached to it. Unfortunately, the so-called warriors have succumb to it. The Warrior Art and The Warrior Way has been downgraded into fanciful public demonstrations. Has The Warrior Way found its way to the warrior's heart? So where have the warriors gone? Seldom can you find one who can engage in scholarly discussion. Talk to them about nationalism, of love of country,... No, talk about earning big money... Seek a solution to a problem, and they offer more problems. Even the military is divided. And of the retired generals who have entered politics seldom can you find one with an honest and valiant heart. What you smell is something fishy with what they offer government.

A War to be Won

A man is first made a true warrior in his heart. And those who have a warrior's heart must rise to thread the battlefield and fight a foe that erodes our society. A foe known by the name Corruption. But as a man is first made a true warrior in his heart, so should the corruption of the heart be fought and destroyed before the corruption of our society could be fought. A warrior must rise and be counted in the battlefield ever remembering that it is more glorious to die in battle than to die without having drawn the sword.


At Saturday, January 21, 2006, Anonymous jack tobeeniz said...

dear my friend.

i think you are mixed up in the history and the filipino heroes written in your history books. the family here in the states are smiling with you. you fma is prostituted and adulterated. kiungfu, karate, judo, taichi, aikido etc. please dont be upset. be consistent. we are monitoring yo.

At Sunday, January 22, 2006, Blogger ronin said...

Dear Mr Jack Tobeeniz,

Contrary to your statement we are not mixed up in our history and neither is our FMA adulterated. Perhaps you have made your judgement based on the wrong context. We strongly suggest that you read the heading of this site as well as its footer wherein our definitions are in place as well as our guiding principles which are easy to understand in plain english. Maybe that would enlighen you. We are consistent and yes we welcome your monitoring whatever your motivation or intention is for doing so.

We are not upset... we are rather amused at your comment.

At Thursday, January 26, 2006, Blogger ysnah said...

dear jack,
kindly stick your comment on the article.
Thank you for monitoring us.
God Bless.


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