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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Judo and Aikido Roots in Negros Island

It is ironic that new schools in Judo and Aikido have been founded in Negros Island, particularly in Bacolod City, where most students of the martial arts cannot even tell who the forerunners of the martial arts in Negros Island were long before their schools were founded. In this rare photo we have Sensei Pat Prologo (7th from left) with the Aikido Society of Bacolod. Aside from teaching Aikido, Sensei Pat Prologo was among the fifteen (15) pioneers who brought Judo in Negros Occidental, particularly in Bacolod City during the mid 1960's. The Judo Club they pioneered was eventually named the Paglaum Judo Club which was formerly based at Paglaum Sports Complex, Bacolod City.

Antonio Mondejar Sensei, 6th Dan (2nd from right, above photo) may be the smallest guy in the photo but he has held the National Champion title in the Open Weight Category in Judo in the Philippines and has also been awarded the United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame three (3) times. Antonio Mondejar Sensei is from Bacolod City and now lives with his family in Ada, Oklahoma, USA. He is the founder and Chief Professor of Ada Judo Club in Ada, Oklahoma, USA.

Along the years, Paglaum Judo Club has produced distinguished Judo fighters such as Sensei Antonio Mondejar, Jr., Sensei Efren Diongon, and many others. To date, Sensei Pat Prologo continues to propagate the gentle arts while Sensei Antonio Mondejar is now based in Oklahoma, USA and has his own Judo club there. While Sensei Efren Diongon continues to head the Paglaum Judo Club.

Kinjho Masaharu Sensei, 8th Dan (standing first from left) with Dannie San Joaquin Sensei (standing from right) with Patricia and Sueko Kinjho. This photo was taken during the National Boy's and Girls and National Juniors Individual Judo Championships in 2004.

Subsequently, Sensei Masaharu Kinjho visited the Paglaum Judo Club sometime in 1994. With his Kodokan background and experience as an accomplished Judo Athlete himself Sensei Masaharu Kinjho trained with the judoka and eventually coached them in national competitions. Then in succeeding years with the help of some Paglaum judoka Sensei Masaharu Kinjho founded the ATLETA Judo Club of Talisay City, Negros Occidental. To this day, ATLETA Judo Club continues to produce top caliber judokas by winning national competitions.

In the upcoming posts, we will attempt to present the history of Judo in Negros Island, particularly in Bacolod City. This is to pay tribute to those who brought and nortured the art of Judo in the island.


At Tuesday, May 16, 2006, Blogger 69buccaneer said...

ronin, thank you for providing us the history of judo. May I add something? This is in reference to the group of Pat Prologo and the late Rene Cornel. They were both under Anong Javellana's tutelage in Judo and Aikido. Anong Javellana is from Bago also an arnisador. Anong Javellana is a student and a friend of Engineer Ben S. Ticao Sr, of Oton, Iloilo. Ben S. Ticao Sr. is a pioneer and one of the founder of PAJA when he was still Studying in FEATI. He is also a member of the FEATI Judo team. He was awarded 6th Dan by the International Judo Federation. Anong studied aikido with Ben S. Ticao. And I have a picture of Ben S. Ticao, Sr. but I cannot post it here. So, kindly instruct me how to. This info might be helpful in your history of judo later on. By the way this info, was given to me by my close friend Hansy Alojado whose niece is married to the Son of Engineer Ben S. Ticao Sr.
Ben Sr. is still living in Oton, Iloilo. He is in his early eighties and still drives a car.


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