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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Proud FMA Warriors Promote Filipino Martial Arts in Hong Kong Despite Lack of Support From Mediocre Philippine Government Officials

HONG KONG. Last June 12, 2006 in celebration of the 108th Philippine Independence Day Celebration, a group of FMA Warriors were invited to do a 20 minute presentation in the late afternoon. As they proceeded to the venue the Cultural Officer from the Philippine Consulate informed them that they cannot perform on stage due to changes in the program. Instead they were told to perform in the street and that they will just be provided with an enclosure string. It was as clear that the government officials thought of our culture and arts as not worth the support. The FMA Warriors could have declined and left. But true to their hearts' commitment as proud Filipino Warriors they moved on to perform in the street of Hong Kong. Some FMA performers even included non-Filipinos who were studying FMA.

At the middle of the presentation members of the media in Hong Kong started covering the presentation, everybody in the crowd took photos and videos. It was then when the head of the FMA Warriors was approached by the consulate people and asked if they invited media to cover their presentation. The presentation was excellent by any standard and was indeed a success. It is rather sad that the Philippine government representatives came over only to steal credit when in the first place there was little support from them. No wonder that fellow Filipinos are uneducated with our own beautiful culture and arts. They cannot even distinguish what is Filipino and what is not.

Let us help in promoting Filipino culture and arts - particularly, Filipino Martial Arts.

We are Filipinos. Let us love what is truly Filipino.


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