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Sunday, October 02, 2005


The Black Falcon Martial Arts Association-Main (BFMAA-Main) of Chief Instructor and WFP-Neg. Occ. Joery C. Amante in cooperation with the Purok Bulak Sports Committee and the Wushu Federation of the Philippines-Negros Occidental successfully held the 1st Prk. Bulak Wushu Sanshou Competition and 6th Prk. Bulak Boxing Showdown on May 22, 2005 at the Prk. Bulak Basketball Court, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City during the purok’s annual fiesta. 8 martial arts organizations from Bacolod, Bago, and Victorias Cities and boxing enthusiasts from 5 barangays/teams were in attendance.

The organizations/teams involved were Active, Bacolod Consolidated Sports Management Association (BACSMA), Brgy. 34, BFMAA-Main, Brotherhood Martial Arts Federation (BMAF),
Calantas Shopping Boxing Team, Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Hervias, Philippine Integrated Martial Arts Academy-Filipino Tang Soo Do Association (PIMAA-FTSDA), Prk. Bulak, St. Joseph High School Martial Arts Club (SJHSMAC)/Yaming Arts, and United Negros Fighting Arts Academy (UNFAA).

BFMAA-Main was crowned overall champion in the 6th Prk. Bulak Boxing Showdown with all of its 3 entries winning, garnering a 100% knockout rate in a fight time of 63 seconds. Calantas Shopping Boxing Team of Coach Badong Bedico and Prk. Bulak tied at 2nd place with a win each.

BFMAA-Main was crowned overall champion in the 1st Prk. Bulak Wushu Sanshou Competition winning 3 of 6 bouts fought. BMAF and CMAS were 2nd and 3rd places respectively with 2 and 1 wins in that order.

WESTERN BOXING. John Philip Sincero of BFMAA-Main over Julius Agolino of Active via KO in 0.24 in the 1st round. Rosendo Trayco of BFMAA-Main over James Bedico of Calantas Shopping Boxing Team via KO in 0.16 in the 1st round. Benny Trayco of BFMAA-Main over Robert Alipayan of Hervias via KO in 0.23 in the first round. Peggie Pehid of Prk. Bulak over Ifraim Manlapao of Prk. Bulak via unanimous decision. July Paderno of Calantas Shopping Boxing Team over Kenneth Arthur Chicka of Brgy. 34 via unanimous decision.

WUSHU SANSHOU. Anthony de Asis of BMAF over Manuel Fama of BFMAA-Main in 2 rounds. Janry Amante of BFMAA-Main over Richard Claveras of BMAF in 2 rounds. Judilyn de café of BMAF over Mika Geduriagao of BFMAA-Main in 2 rounds. Renalyn “Ren-Ren” Jacob of BFMAA-Main) over Rose Marie de la Cruz of BMAF via retirement in 1.39 of the 2nd round. Andres Villarmia of BFMAA-Main over Danilo de Asis of BMAF via retirement in 1.18 of the 2nd round. Elizer “Jun-Jun” Agudo Jr. of CMAS over Ivan Sincero of BFMAA-Main via unanimous decision.

SIPA SUMBAG/KICKBOXING. John Mark Amante of BFMAA-Main over Junjie Ayrand Aposaga of BMAF via split decision.

EXHIBITIONS. UNFAA represented by Founder Reynante de La Cruz and his students Eduard Acostoy, Archie Lladoc, Dale Saldua, and John Saldua (taekwondo, street defense), PIMAA-FTSDA represented by red belts Gilbert Go and Bernel de los Santos (pencak silat, karate, Filipino Tang soo do), and CMAS represented by Founder James U. Sy Jr. and Khenn Providencia (Lapu-Lapu Viñas arnis, Yasay sable, aikido).

All 3 exhibitions were historic in that it was the first time UNFAA of Bago City made a demonstration in Bacolod City and Prk. Bulak; the first time for pencak silat, Filipino Tang soo do, Yasay sable, and aikido to be demonstrated in Prk. Bulak; and the first time for Yasay sable to be demonstrated anywhere in Bacolod City.

Officials were WFP-Negros PIO/Business Manager Sy and WFP-Negros Secretary Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado of CMAS (Emcee), WFP-Central Negros Vice President Elmer V. Montoyo Sabumnim of PIMAA-FTSDA (Chief Judge), WFP-Negros President Amante of BFMAA-Main (Tournament director/referee), WFP-Negros Board Directors Joel R. Casiple of BACSMA, Pastor Romeo Gumban, Jimmy T. Lee, and Hieroteo “Didoy” Villarosa V of PIMAA-FTSDA (judges), Felix “Berong” Altarap of SJHSMAC/Yaming Arts (Awards presentor), Christon Oliveros (record keeper), Romil Regalado of BFMAA-Main (timekeeper), Rustico Pabalinas of BMAF (wushu sanshou coach), Coach Badong Bedico (western boxing coach), and Khenn Providencia and Joeben “JR” Rodriguez of CMAS (cameramen).

Sponsors were Hon. Lone District of Bacolod Congressman Monico O. Puentebella, Councilors Hon. Atty. Lyndon Caña, Greg Gasataya, and Catalino Alisbo, CMAS Founder Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado, Barangay Hon. Kagawads Nikki Cordova, Mae Cuaycong, Ramon Espidido, and Ramie Samilo, Hon. Prk. Bulak President Nestor Talagon, Hon. Brgy. Mandalagan Treasurer Quirico Quirino, Brgy. Mandalagan Council, Hon. SK Chairman Marx Louie “XL” De La Rosa, Airclean Arcobilla, Carlos Barredo, Dionisio, “Toto” Indig, Bro. Dennis Magbanua (FSC), Benjie Oyog, Ben and Bong-Bong Rante, Benjamin Relato, and Engr. Paul Sillarequez and Capt. Nars Sumilhig (Iloilo City).


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