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Thursday, October 13, 2005


DEFTAC Instructors (from left): CMAS Founder James U. Sy Jr., Francis Stephen A. Diaz, Master Jonathan J. Gubaton, Grandmaster Sabas T. Gubaton, Grandmaster Abraham T. Gubaton, Master Jose Salanap, the GMs grandson Gabriel Gubaton, and CMAS Founder Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado.

Francis Stephen A. Diaz of the Conceptual Martial Arts Society teaches a standard knife defense from the Philippine (Togle) modern arnis style (April 17, 2005).

The Defensive Tactics (EDFTAC) component of the 1st Brgy. Don Jorge L. Araneta (Bago City) Barangay Public Safety Officers (BPSO) Skills Enhancement Training and Seminar was conducted by the Oido de Caburata Arnis Group (ODCA) and the Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS) for 22 barangay tanods with the sponsored by the Don Jorge L. Araneta Barangay Council headed by Brgy. Capt. Jacinto Torres Jr. on April 17 and 24, and May 8, 2005 at the Ma-ao Central Elementary School 1 Covered Court, Bago City. The Skills Enhancement Training was carried out with the blessings of Bago City Mayor Janet E. Torres and Police Chief Alex Belonio.

The self defense training was the first ever in any barangay in Bago City since the 2004 elections and the first since the adoption of the term BPSO for the barangay tanods. It was also the first organized martial arts defensive tactics training in any barangay in Ma-ao and Bago City to feature oido de caburata and aikido together in one course.

Featured Defensive Tactics (DEFTAC) instructors were Grandmasters Abraham and Sabas T. Gubaton, and Masters Jonathan J. Gubaton, Jose Salanap, and Reynold Gubaton of ODCA (Bago City) for impact and edged weapons; for empty handed restraints using aikido, judo, and Togle style modern arnis, Founders James U. Sy Jr. and Narciso “Hansy” L. Alojado and Associate Instructors Joeffrey S. Deriada and Francis Stephen A. Diaz of CMAS (Bacolod City).

22 Brgy. Don Jorge L. Araneta Barangay Public Safety Officers graduated from the skills enhancement training on May 8, 2005. Graduating at the top of their class with special awards were Mario D. Lemoncito, Leonil T. “Bob” Torres, and Romeo M. Vasquez (Outstanding in Aikido), Armando A. Angelico, Leonardo V. Castillo, and Ronie D. Tanio (Outstanding in oido de caburata arnis), and Benegno P. Catanyag and Joel B. Francisco (Most Punctual, Cooperative, and Friendly). Other graduates were Antonio P. Arellano Jr., Daniel P. Arevalo, Rolando L. Belardo, Reynaldo M. De Claro, Alfredo J. Decimo, Nonito J. Enrile Sr., Agrifino J. Estoy Jr., Conrado P. Galve, Jared G. Garrovillo, Armando A. Grande, Edmundo E. Grande, Danny B. Peroy, Armando A. Remo, and Rogelio B. Salga.

Officials present during the proceedings were guests of honors 4th District Board Member Ike Barredo, Police Inspector Alberto Pabalona, and Chief Operations Officer/BPSO In-Charge SPO3 Nestor Layson; Brgy. Capt. Jacinto Torres Jr. and his Brgy, Council composed of Kagawads Rex V. Apurado, Felipa E. Comodas, Milagros C. Davao, Jonathan J. Gubaton, Leslie G. Locsin, Cesar C. Sasis, and Rodney B. Vallar, and Brgy. Secretary Leilani Z. Gamo; and the Defensive Tactics (DEFTAC) instructors


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