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Sunday, October 02, 2005


On August 24, 2005, 12:45 n.n., English teacher, who was also an arnisador, Wilson Alvarado noticed Jan Delbirt Mobreros, 19, sitting in a bench upon entering the campus grounds of the Ramon Torres Malingin National High School in Brgy. Malingin, Bago City. Mobreros was formerly a student in the school but was expelled because he starts troubles and physically hurt students. He was banned from entering the school since then. Patrolling BPSO (barangay public safety officers) would prevent the teen from getting inside the campus but on that particular day the barangay tanods were off to lunch.

Alvarado requested Mobreros to leave which enraged the youth who immediately grabbed a double bladed espading and attacked the teacher. Only one and a half meters separated Alvarado and the southpaw Mobreros. Alvarado, who was unarmed, deflected Mobreros’ hack to the right side of his head and pinned the blade to his body to prevent him from using it. Mobreros embraced the blade to prevent Alvarado from disarming it. Alvarado took Mobreros down with a leg sweep and pinned him down. Then students came to help Alvarado restrain the enraged teen.

Some local arnisadors criticized Alvarado in the way he dealt with the situation but Alvarado was convinced he did the right thing. “I didn’t have any intention of hurting him, I just wanted to restraint him. It is very easy for me to injure or maim the kid but as a teacher I have a moral obligation to end a conflict and preserve life as much as possible. I’m glad none of us were hurt. That’s the bottom line” Alvarado explained.

Alvarado is also thankful for the skills his arnis teacher, Master Ferdinand Emmanuel “Bobot” Y. Gayoles of Bacolod City, taught him (Lapu-Lapu Viñas arnis, Yasay sable, oido de caburata, karate). He was saved from grave injury and gave him the confidence to face a life threatening situation.

Mobreros was brought to the barangay hall after the incident and was later released.


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