FMA Circle of Negros Island, Philippines FMA Circle of Negros Island, Philippines

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The Sagay City government in cooperation with the Sagay Taekwondo Association (STA) successfully held the 5th Sinigayan Open Taekwondo Championships with the sponsorship of the Sports and Amusement Committee of the 8th Sinigayan Festival on March 13, 2004 at the Sagay City Gymnasium, Sagay City as part of the city’s Sinigayan Festival 2004. 140 jins from 6 cities and municipalities in Negros Occidental competed.

Sagay City’s Tiger Sharks of STA President Leonico Bong Rios was crowned overall champion.
It had 38 players and had a medal haul of 15-4-9.

Bacolod Consolidated Sports Management Association (BACSMA) of Joel R. Casiple (11-2-2, 15 players), Killer Whales of Emilio Barbas (Cadiz City, 5-4-5, 22 players), Manapla Taekwondo Association of Benjamin “Ben” Jance (3-3-6, 22 players), Universal Taekwondo Federation (UTF) of Arthur Villamil (Cadiz City, 1-13-5, 25 players), Escalante Taekwondo Association of Ricarte Relon (1-3-2, 12 players), and Victorias Taekwondo Association of Prof. Efraim T. Beatingo Sr. (1-0-3, 6 players) were 2nd to 7th places respectively.

BACSMA was champion in the elementary division with 7 gold medals. Sagay (6 gold medals), Manapla (3 gold medals), Killer Whales (2 gold medals), and Escalante (1 gold medal) were 2nd to 5th places respectively.

Sagay was champion in the secondary division with 9 gold medals. BACSMA (4 gold medals), Killer Whales (3 gold medals), UTF (1 gold medals), and Victorias (1 gold medals) were 2nd to 5th places respectively.

Officials were Leonico Bong Rios (tournament director), Ricarte Relon (chairman of the technical officials), and Felizardo Cansica, Mark Anthony Carmona, Jerry Estante, Catherine Joy Guotana, and Harry Tabuada (technical committee members).


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